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We are always sorry to hear of cholim (the sick), but we are glad to encourage others to pray on their behalf. You may send names of cholim to to be automatically added to the Cholim mailing list. An updated list of Cholim will (G-d willing) be distributed to subscribers every Thursday.

The name will remain on our list for one complete calendar month (i.e. until the end of next month), after which you will need to resend any names. Please make sure that all changes and updates are submitted to the list address by 12:00 noon Israel time on Thursday in order to be included in the new listing. Should there be any updates, changes of name, or a removal of the name before then, we would of course appreciate a message from you.

Project Genesis offers this as a free service, but we do request that you keep us in mind when you are next able to send charitable contributions. We know that "Teshuvah (repentance / return / renewed commitment to G-d), Tefillah (prayer), and Tzedakah (charity) wipe away the evil decree," and that "Tzedakah saves from death." So may it be! Your donation of any amount will help us keep this and all of our other services running for you.

We also provide a copy of the List of Current Cholim on our web site, so that non-subscribers may find the list and pray for all those on it.

Thank you for your continued interest in Project Genesis, and again - may all the names on our list (and those who aren't) have a speedy recovery. Home

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